A new generation of lending platform.

Monetize Coin is
Smart Money

What is Monetize Coin?  Simply put, it's the worlds most advanced monetization and lead generation system.

Our enterprise level, automated, machine learning, traffic arbitrage platform outperforms any so-called "volatility trading bots" for investor returns.

Monetize Coin isn't just another lending platform, it's a new generation of lending platform.

With full transparency and a real-time view of our traffic trading system, you can see the investments work for you.

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MEMBERS: 78,092

Monetize Coin is Smart Money

A new generation of lending platform.

What is Monetize Coin?  Simply put, it's the worlds most advanced monetization and lead generation system.

Monetize Coin isn't just another lending platform, it's a new generation of lending platform.

Our enterprise level, automated, machine learning, traffic arbitrage platform outperforms any so-called "volatility trading bots" for investor returns.

With full transparency and a real-time view of our traffic trading system, you can see the investments work for you.

MEMBERS: 78,092

What makes us different to the rest?

We will never put a hold on your crypto, if you decide you no longer want to be involved in our ICO, simply click the withdraw button and an outgoing transaction will be generated for you immediately.

We give you a choice of how you get paid for your downline, want to get paid in Bitcoin and Ethereum? Change the setting in the backend and the next referral commission you generate will be delivered to your account and available for withdrawal within 10 seconds.

Other lending platforms claim to use Cryptocurrency Volatility trading bots, while we're sure that it is possible to generate returns using this kind of systems, we find it highly unlikely that any of these exist on the large-scale claimed by these platforms.

We have built a real revenue generation system, with a team of real developers, marketers and data scientists, we have decades of experience in our field.

How do we generate a return for investors?

We offer both lending and staking, we do not offer mining as our coin is an Ethereum ERC20 token and mining does not work with our business model.


Lending is where we generate the highest investor returns, we use the capital you allocate to our Monetize Bot to generate a high daily dividend return, as the capital is locked in for an agreed term we can manage our cash flow better which allows us to offer you a much higher daily dividend payment.

Lending allows the Monetize Bot to margin the funds you allocate, this leverage combined with a capital release period allows us to generate a very healthy and sustainable daily return for the period of your investment.


Staking is done through our platform, move the funds into a staking wallet and interest is generated daily on those staked coins, with staking the coins are always available for withdrawal and you can cancel staking at any time.

Staking still allocates your capital to our Monetize Bot but as we cant lock that capital up for an agreed commitment, we do not leverage the capital as highly as we do with the lending platform, this still allows us to generate a profit from the capital which we return to you the investor at a fixed interest rate.

About Monetize

Over the last 9 years, we have developed one of the worlds most advanced Pay Per Click/Programmatic display traffic monetization and lead generation systems.

A proprietary, automated, enterprise-level system that uses machine learning to arbitrage web traffic.

The MonetizeBot automated traffic arbitrage system was developed for a large online casino back in 2008, starting with a team of two developers and an online marketing specialist who left the company to take the idea further.

Since 2009 our UK based team has grown and the system has been developed significantly, we now have an in-house team of data scientists, frontend & backend developers, data analysts, network & infrastructure engineers, online marketers and conversion optimization specialists.

If you are involved in the affiliate marketing industry you may have met some of our team at the major affiliate conferences around the world over the last 10 years, we regularly attend Affiliate Summit, ad:tech, LeadsCon, DMEXCO and the Traffic & Conversion Summit.

The Monetize Coin Pre-ICO Sale

Get in early on the Monetize Coin Token Sale with only 500,000 MNZ Tokens available at the discounted pre-ICO price of $0.35 and a realistic target value of $10 by February, this is the easiest way to 30x your investment.

The pre-ICO sale has a minimum purchase of 100 and limited to 300 MNZ tokens per user

The pre-ICO sale ends on 20th January 2018, don't miss out.

100% of the pre-ICO funds along with our own substantial budget will be allocated to buy advertising for the Monetize Coin program.

To get started simply deposit either Bitcoin or Ethereum into your Monetize Coin online wallet, purchase MNZ and claim your tokens instantly.

Initial Coin Offering

The initial coin offering of Monetize Coin will be launching on January 22nd, 2018 and will run to February 14th, 2018.

Every 3 days a total of 900,000 MNZ Tokens will be available for purchase.

The MNZ Token will exist on the Ethereum Blockchain

The starting price will be $0.37 per token and after each round, the price will increase by $0.10

In the early stages of the ICO we will set a purchase cap of 200 coins per user per day, this will allow the average investor a chance to invest in the project and keep it fair.

As we approach the end of the ICO we will increase the daily purchase limit.

The Monetize Coin Lending Platform

The Monetize platform uses the Monetize Bot to generate a monthly return for investors.

To get started simply deposit either Bitcoin or Ethereum into your MonetizeCoin online wallet, purchase MNZ tokens either during the ICO, the integrated exchange or through our external exchange partners.

Choose a lending package to invest in and earn a daily dividend payment of upto 2% per day to your account.

$ 100 - $ 1000

  • Monetize Bot
  • upto 40% monthly
  • Capital Return 239 Days
$ 1001 - $ 5,000

  • Monetize Bot
  • upto 40% monthly
  • Capital Return 179 Days
  • +0.10% Daily Bonus
$ 5001 - $ 10,000

  • Monetize Bot
  • upto 40% monthly
  • Capital Return 120 Days
  • +0.20% Daily Bonus
$ 10,000 +

  • Monetize Bot
  • upto 40% monthly
  • Capital Return 99 Days
  • +0.25% Daily Bonus

Investment Return Calculator


How to get started

How does the Monetize Bot work?

The monetize Bot analyses 100's of data points to predict which website visitor is likely to convert on one of the offers we are promoting.

Some of the data points that can be used to predict conversion percentage rates are user location, time of day, browsing device (desktop/tablet/mobile), the context of the page the user is browsing and the keywords used.

We also aggregate third-party cookie providers who provide data points such as user interest, hobbies, age, ethnicity, income level, employment status and purchase intent.

Have you ever been researching a product online and for days or weeks afterward you see Facebook ads or banner ads for related products? We are responsible for a large portion of those ads.

Not only can we tell when a user is in the market to buy a new laptop, we also know that the user is interested in losing weight or taking out car insurance.

This is the future of online marketing and we are at the forefront of it.

Monetize Coin Roadmap

Affiliate Program

We offer an attractive referral system which will allow you to earn an additional income.

We pay a percentage of the ICO purchase, the lending capital investment and the dividend generated for users who sign up underneath you, up to 5 levels.

During the Pre-ICO and ICO phase, you may choose to be paid in either MNZ tokens or Cryptocurrency and can switch between the two at any time.

In the Monetize Coin backend go to the affiliate team page and choose your commission currency.

Not only is the affiliate commission instantly credited to your account, if you choose to be paid in Bitcoin or Ethereum, you can withdraw it immediately. We will never disable withdrawals.

Level Referral bonus from ICO Referral bonus from capital investment Referral bonus from dividend payment
Tier 1 7% 8% 4%
Tier 2 5% 3% 1%
Tier 3 3% 1% 1%
Tier 4 1% 1% 0.5%
Tier 5 0.5% 0.5% 0.5%

Frequently Asked Questions

When you create a loan within our system, we put that to use immediately, within hours the capital you invested will be allocated to the Monetize Bot, we return 90% of this profit to you the investor as a daily dividend.
In our dashboard we offer a real-time view of the traffic coming into our traffic arbitrage system, you can see the conversions take place in real time and watch the Monetize Bot generate leads for businesses all over the world.
We realize that many of our investors will simply want to buy and hold/stake the tokens, we expect that the value of the token to increase quite quickly after the ICO and exchange opening.

The ICO price of the token is well below what we truly believe is the real value of our tokens but to further increase the value of our tokens we will run a token buyback program, at the end of every month, a large percentage of our profit will be used to buy and burn tokens, this reduces supply and increases the price of the token, exactly the same way a public company such as Amazon or Google might do a share buyback program to return profits to investors.
Pay per click traffic is a model of online marketing in which an advertiser pays an advertising fee every time someone clicks on their banner ad.

The most well-known examples of PPC would be the advertisements on the side of Google's search results page, when you click on these ads, a business pays Google to deliver you to their website, the advertiser hopes that you will complete an action such as a purchase or signup.
Where do you sell the traffic that you buy/arbitrage?
The vast majority of our traffic is sold to affiliate networks, these networks pay a commission for the leads we generate, this allows us to work with 1000's of small companies around the world while only having to integrate with around 10 key partners.
What kind of leads do you generate?
We generate leads in many different verticals, the main cash cows for our platform has been finance, health and wellness (Skincare, weight loss) and the online gambling verticals, these verticals offer both the huge scale that is needed for a platform like this along with the high "ticket price" to generate sizeable commissions.
Why do you need to raise funds through an ICO and lending platform?
Whilst our system is very profitable, the truth is that when we buy our traffic we pay for it immediately but we don't get paid for the leads we generate for up to 2 months.

For every $1 we spend on traffic we may generate between $1.01 and $1.10 in revenue, these real-world returns are amazing, but as you can imagine, the huge amount of money needed for the "float" means that the more capital we employ the more profit we can generate.
What sort of future do you see for Monetize Coin?
Not only is our business model sustainable, our proprietary tech gives us a huge competitive advantage over other lending platforms, our profit is generated by a real business and is not linked to the volatility of cryptocurrencies.

We expect a long-term future for Monetize Coin. We will still be here in 5 years.

We have an initial price target of $10 per token at the end of February 2018 but our long term goal is a token price over $100 with an internal exchange volume of $10,000,000 daily.
If this is a real company then why are you anonymous?
We would love to show you the business behind Monetize Coin, we are very proud of our technology and what we have achieved, while we believe it is a legitimate and fascinating way for a company to raise money from investors the world over, the legality of the ICO funding model is still untested. The Monetize Team feel that cryptocurrencies should remain anonymous and free from the regulation of any one central government.

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Have a question for us? email us [email protected] We'll get in touch with you as soon as possible.